Odeko helps cafés thrive

📱 Mobile Ordering

Order Ahead

Your customers can easily order ahead and announce their arrival for the perfect pick-up

Contactless Payment

Your customers can quickly pay for their order with our contactless in-app payment


Your customers can earn rewards and money at no cost to you

📦 Supply Chain

Consolidated Ordering

One cafe supply catalog for all your everyday needs from milks, pastries, grab-n-go, cups, lids, gloves, garbage bags and so much more

Overnight Delivery

One order means one delivery to your store in the overnight hoursyour staff and your customers are never disrupted

No minimums

With Odeko there are no minimum ordersyou always get the best prices possible in your customized order portal

🕵️‍♀️ Business Insights

Sales Forecasting

Access a rolling seven day forecast of your predicted sales volume

Real Time

Go from insights to actions at the speed of your business with real time dashboards and information

Industry Benchmarks

Keep an eye on the national performance of the coffee industry

Software built for small businesses.
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