September 22, 2020 Why Small Coffee Shops Are Thinking Big About Digital

FinTech paper of record PYMNTS had an insightful conversation with Odeko’s Chief Product Officer Tim Griffin. 

While corporate chains like Starbucks prioritize scale, Tim says, “these independent shops really became a haven for that intimate, personal experience.”

And while indies used to be able to chug along without any real tech component, the . Tim cites a hundred new sign-ups on one particular day—shops that needed mobile ordering in order to survive.

Why didn’t these shops jump on platforms like Grubhub or UberEats? Well, those platforms charge enormous fees and, in the case of Grubhub, have been found to be engaging in some highly shady practices. A 20% cut of every order and the possibility that the platform will tack on fees even to customers who don’t use the app is just not an option for independent coffee shops.

Odeko only takes a 5% cut, not too dissimilar from that taken by credit card companies. Instead of delivery, Odeko offers curbside pick-up.

“The curbside feature was the most important thing we could have rolled out in early spring as COVID hit,” Griffin said. “It was something that was just critical for these shops to have, [and] it has been incredibly popular since then … If the shop is offering it, it tends to account for more than 50 percent of the orders coming through.” 

As the pandemic continues, indies are adapting. The gist of the PYMNTS piece? Odeko will help them adapt.

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