September 1, 2020

Odeko Brings Mobile Ordering to Philly Cafés

Philadelphia: We’re here. 

These are tough times, but Philadelphia’s a tough town, and we want to help it thrive. Coffee shops are crucial to community—70 cents of every dollar spent at an independent coffee shop stays within a 20 block radius—and supporting these cafes now is our duty. That’s why we want to help protect both workers and customers with mobile ordering and contactless payment, which reduces the amount of time spent transacting and the risk of virus transmission. Plus it's easy to use and it comes with a killer rewards program for coffee buyers.

So, Philadelphia coffee lovers, hop on the Odeko app and look for your fave café. Or you can order online.

Shout outs to our new friends at Bold Coffee Bar, Gryphon Cafe, Suprema Coffee Roastery, Valerio Coffee Roasters and New Avenue Cafe.

Stay tuned, new cafés are joining all the time.

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