June 16, 2020

New Day, New Warehouse

The road to reopening New York CIty has been long and complex, but all worth it. Finally, we’re seeing coffee shops reopen. The ones who managed to stay connected to their customers are watching their business return.

That makes us happy. So happy, that as part of our commitment to helping the coffee shop industry get back to full strength, we’d like to make a little announcement...

“We’re opening a new warehouse in Astoria, Queens! It’s the next step in our evolution, says Dane Atkinson, CEO of Odeko. “We are taking all our learnings and building a central location that is technologically-enabled so as to reduce in-store storage and overall delivery truck miles that would have been driven to support all the local coffee shops.”

The location means we can better serve our NYC and Long Island coffee shop customers. “Right now, shops can afford minimal fees and errors, which is where we come in. This new warehouse will let us support hundreds more small businesses and, by extension, tens of thousands of coffee lovers,” Atkinson added. Support how, exactly?

Well, said warehouse will have over 500 cafe specific products. Every kind of paper product you could need (cups, holders), every kind of milk you can imagine (oat is perhaps the least exotic), non-coffee beverages (including bomb-ass teas), those grab-n-go items that are great for impulse buys, divine pastries, and of course cafe essentials like Ghiradelli chocolate sauce. You need it? We’ll stock it—and deliver it to you. Boom.

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