August 18, 2020

Charlotte Inno: Cloosiv merges with NY startup to help coffee shops take on Starbucks

Charlotte Inno’s Elise Franco laid out exactly how a combined Odeko and Cloosiv can help independent cafes both manage their supply chain and offer mobile ordering, and how their newly raised $12 million can help:

Griffin said the most exciting part of the merger is what the two brands will be able to do together. Currently, 750 active cafes are available on the app. In the next couple of months, he expects more than 1,000 cafes across the country will be available for mobile ordering. 

Franco also got this great quote from Tim, which ties together consumer consciousness about their consumption and how Odeko can help independent coffee shops educate those consumers:

"I think the coolest thing is the ability to share with the customer the exact details of where those coffee beans or the shop's dairy came from," he said. "We'll be creating a connection across the supply chain... That is in line with our original vision of a broader educational platform." 

You can read the full article here.

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