August 18, 2020

Charlotte Business Journal: Charlotte-based app Cloosiv merges with NY company, setting sights on national reach

In Caroline Hudson’s Charlotte Business Journal piece on the merger, Cloosiv co-founder Tim Griffin clarified that although Cloosiv is changing its name, it’s still very much a crucial entity to the new combined Odeko, bringing its mobile ordering expertise to Odeko’s supply chain management.

"This isn't the end of the road," Griffin said. "It is ... a continuation that 99% of startups don't have the opportunity to pursue."

Tim will be the Chief Product Officer of the combined company, with Cloosiv co-founder James Burkhardt stepping into the VP of Engineering role, and Odeko CEO Dane Atkinson retaining that CEO title. 

The article also lays the groundwork for expansion beyond just coffee shops with a quote from Dane: "I don't think Tim or I have any vision of just being only in this space forever, but it's so hard to do good things in this world, and coffee really could use the help, so we're there for now," Atkinson said.

Check out the full (paywalled) article here

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