October 28, 2020

5THWAVE Podcast: Using Back-of-House Technology to Grow Your Cafe Chain

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5THWAVE Editor-in-Chief Jeffrey Young had an episode cramjam with insights from Grind CEO David Abrahamovitch, Trail co-founder Joe Cripps, and our very own CEO Dane Atkinson dealing with the tech that powers cafes.

Abrahamovitch talks about strapping iPads to machines in the early days of Grind and how much of a difference it made to his margins when he finally found a robust ordering system—and if your tech makes your staff’s lives more difficult, they’ll do anything in their power to avoid using it.

Dane’s portion of the interview comes around 18 and a half minutes in. He starts off with the central problem Odeko is looking to solve: independent coffee shops simply don’t have the resources to make their own tech stacks that enable online/mobile ordering or supply chain management, and have instead had to turn to platforms that gouge them.

“We think the advantage that giant enterprises have is mostly technology and the ability to create systems that allow them to operate efficiently,” Dane tells Jeffrey. “And so the lack of technology is this incredible headwind to push into as a small business operator. If you can get technology that makes a difference, it can change the outcome of your company. It can take you from one store to 10 locations, or 3 points in profit to 15 points in profit.”

Dane adds that one of the crucial components of the tech that giants like Starbucks or Dunkin’ have is AI that can forecast demand for products at various locations, which allows them to be more efficient in delivering product. And what do you know—Odeko has a similar solution for independent cafes

Listen to the full episode on the World Coffee Portal site, Apple, or Spotify

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