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We believe that coffee shops are at the heart of every thriving community. Odeko was formed to ensure these small businesses can power their communities and local economies. We give coffee shops the big tools to grow their business—and focus on their customers.

Our Values

Customers first

Build a product that is valued by our customers

We empower small businesses to do more with less

Our key metric of success is the success of our customers

We improve the day to day experience of our customers

Innovation at all levels

Innovation comes from diversity and inclusivity; our hiring practices reflect that.

Great ideas come from diverse experiences and viewpoints; ideas are welcome and actively encouraged without discrimination or bias

Personal growth, personnel growth

Our leaders encourage and actively support personal, professional growth

The collaborative atmosphere makes for a safe space to try new things in pursuit of common goals

Diverse skill-sets and workstyles are desired traits on our team

We run on data

We bring data to small businesses that's action-oriented and affordable

Our own company is data-driven, as we lead by example

Still, we never forget or ignore the feedback of the individuals we work with

Real people, real respect

Treat coworkers and customers as people first

Through open communication, maintain transparency of responsibility and leadership

Mistakes happen! We'll solve it together, without the blame

Be empathetic to disruptions that can alter people's lives


We’re a small but mighty team of makers, solvers, nerds, and coffee lovers, and we’re always looking for passionate people to join us.
Software built for small businesses.
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